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Corona Sucks... It really does...  Hold out! We are sending nukes. No, not nudes, NuKes!


Our first but not last Album "trinity-test" is on its way. We do have a lot of work in front of us, but we are good faith to be able to publish it in a few weeks. Recordnings started on the 7.03.2021 and we are half throught. This time we did learn the songs first before recording them. Can't be much longer..


Start of our 4weeks 4songs Challenge. We will try to write and record 4 songs in 4 weeks acompanied by a video for the christmas holiday season (A new song every Sunday afternoon). The songs can be found here.


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Ich bin Fritz und liebe Matjes
Ich bin Sonne ich mag Wein
Ich bin ehmmm Mowgli oder so

We are the nukes


We are currently based in Berlin. But does it really matter? I mean, we would play everywhere if you invite us. No road is to long.


Well, preapocalyptic Punk of course!  


Because the world deserves to be a better place. We take our rights to exert criticism, dream of and fight for a better word. Our music is no exception.          


Everyone. The nukes is everyone. Everyone with dreams and problems. Everyone who has to give his own fight everyday and everywhere.
Exept Nazis and their folk. They are a bunch of scared, angry and dangerous idiots that have to be stopped.
Oh you ment us? Who we are? We are a Drummer, a Gitarrist, Bassist and Singer and another guy, that took over this Band.

Why now?

In times of great virus outbreaks and politics failures, the solution has always been a few nukes.
May it be peacefull this time.       


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Deine Ma